Products and Services

Gillespie Monument Service uses only the finest materials and highest level of craftsmanship in all our monuments.  We use the best quality gray granite quarried and manufactured in Elberton, GA.  Aside from granite, we are also experienced and knowledgeable in bronze and marble monuments.  Along with the selection of materials, there are also style options whether traditional, sandblast carving or etching.  Gillespie Monument Company has years of design experience and has computer assisted drafting for custom customer layouts.

Gillespie Monument Company is familiar with all area cemetery rules and regulations, which is a must in ensuring your satisfaction with the monument and its placement.  All monuments that we install will be placed on a solid poured in place concrete foundation, ensuring that your monument will not sink or lean with time.  If anything should happen to the memorial due to the materials or our workmanship, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you or your family.  

There are several decisions that determine the price of a monument or marker:

  • type of memorial
  • size of memorial
  • color of granite
  • the amount of polish on the stone
  • traditional design or custom design

Gillespie Monument Company has an indoor display that you may visit to help you decide on the details of the monument and a comfortable place to browse through our design books for ideas.  A fully trained memorial counselor will also be available to answer any questions that you may have concerning the different types of memorials that are available.  You may come in anytime during regular business hours, or special appointments can be made on evenings and weekends at our shop, your home or the cemetery.

After your monument is manufactured, prompt delivery will be made to the site of your choice.  Aside from head stones, Gillespie Monument Company also offers flower vases, urns, foot stones and more.  

When you are ready to talk, we will be here to listen.